Green Rich


Agricultural and rural extension programmes are needed to reach out to those in rural areas who constitute the majority population. While the Government at the lower level is responsible for ensuring the extension services delivered to the rural poor, often very little money is allocated to train the rural youth. Therefore there is a need for concerted efforts by the private sector to ensure that proper agricultural training is given to these people.

In this connection, we emphasize all round development of trainees including moral,ethical values and capacity & character building.

We Provide Training's in

Agriculture - Crop production including cultural practices, soil and water management, organic farming, integrated pest management, processing, storage and marketing of agricultural produce.

Horticulture - successful cultivation & profitable marketing of fruit crops, vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants and nursery management.

Seed Production - for village famers. processing, packing, marketing and establishment of seed village programme and seed security.

Animal husbandry - village cow/buffelow dairying, sheep and goat rearing. Rabbit rearing. piggery rearing preparing project report for unit establiment.

Poultry Development - village based poultry management, nutrition, disease control and marketing of poultry products. Preparing project report for unit establishment for  broiler chicken, Quaelbird,  Duck farming, Turkey bird farming, Emu bird farming, Guinea bird farming and country chicken framing.

BeeKeeping(Apiculture) - Training availiable For the BeeKeeping.

Sericulture -We Will Give Good training on Sericulture to Farmers and Enterprenuers.

Aquaculture - We provide training in the field of aquaculture to Farmers.