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Scientific name:Azadirachta indicaSoil type:�Black cotton soilTree cultivation

  • Neem tree will grow in all regions
  • This tree can retain the nutrients in soil
  • Flowering season: April - May (But the flowering season varies from place to place)
Seed collection
  • Fruiting time: June to August
  • Matured tree can yield upto 5 Kg of seeds (Starts from 5th year)
  • No of Seeds / Kg : 3500-4000/Kg
  • Germination: Stats from 2-3 months (90%)
  • Seed storage: 6 months (Store in shaded place)


  • Seedlings are emerge after 7 days from the date of sowing in mother bed
  • Neem seedlings can sown by using small neem branches
  • Ploy bag size: 16 x 20 cm
  • Fertilizer application: Vermi compost 35 gm, Azhospirillum and Phospobacteria 6 gm to be mix well that to be applied in nursery
Planting technique
  • Six months old seedlings are preferred for the successful establishment of plantation
  • Pit size: 1 x 1 x 1 m (Length, width and depth)
  • Fertilizer application: 50 gm of VAM fertilizer, 20 gm of Azhospirillum and Phospobacteria to be applied regularly

Yield:5 - 10 kg of seeds per tree from fifth year onwards. After tenth year yield increased to 10 - 15 kg per tree