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Emu Farming

Emu Farming

Emu Farming

Emu Farming is relatively a new concept in India. However, it has become very popular in Andra Pradesh due to good availability of hatchlings (chicks) and also due to BUY BACK schemes for the Emu products.Emu farming offers great scope & potential because of its supplementary income additional employment & simplicity in operation.

Emus are raised throughout the world and have adapted to a variety of conditions ranging from the cold winters to the extreme heat hence emu farming is preferred all over the world today. Each and every part of emu’s body is commercially valuable. Hence in India too, emu- farming is taking its roots.
There are many reasons as to why we should expand emu farming. Emu farming can be in the business of raising, emu birds for two main purposes:

    i. The first purpose is Breeding Birds - to increase the emu population, because of the high profits that can be
    made by selling adult emus as breeding birds.
    ii. The second purpose is slaughter birds - to get the bi-products like emu meat, emu oil, emu bone, emu
    feathers, emu skin, emu nail.


Emu Bird in Indian conditions can grow up to 5 Feet tall and weigh about 50 Kg. It is very important to have ample of space for the Emu Birs to play and exercise. The recommended space requirements for proper growth, development and health of the Emu Bird are:

  1. Space required (One Emu Bird)              :200 sq. feet
  2. Space for Emu activity (One Emu Bird): 100 sq. feet
  3. Total Space Required for One Emu Bird:300 sq. feet

If you want to breed 10 pairs of Emu Birds, the total area required would be about 6000 sq. feet. This area includes the living space and the activity area for the emu.


Infrastructure is one of the most important things that is required for successful breeding and Emu Farming in India. Although these birds are very rugged and immune to various diseases, they still require a good infrastructure. You need to make sure that you have the following structures ready before you can breed emu birds at your farm :

  • Shelter for the emu birds (200sq. feet per emu)
  • Large activity area (100sq. feet per emu)
  • Availability of fresh water
  • Availability of fresh feed
  • 24-Hour Electricity Supply for Incubators (Only required if you are running an Emu Hatchery)
  • Emu Egg Hatchery machines from a speacialized manufacturer


To breed healthy and good quality emu birds you need to provide them with appropriate feed. The feed should be purchased from a trusted company which can provide you with all the nutritional supplements that your emu birds require. The two best companies for emu feed are Godrej and Venky’s. Apart from these there may be other local manufacturers in your area. For proper growth and development the emu birds require the following nutritional supplements in their feed :

  • Vitamins : A, B12, D & E
  • Amino Acids : Lysine, Methionine, Tryptophan, Threonine
  • Proteins : Crude Protein
  • Minerals : Calcium, Zinc, Manganese, Iodine
  • Fiber : Crude Fibre

The amount of nutrition will be decided by the vet. Only a qualified doctor can tell you what feed is best for your emu birds. It is not necessary that every bird would require the same amount of nutritional supplements. Lack of proper feed can cause many diseases in your bird.


Although emu are very rugged and disease resistant birds, they tend to get infected by certain diseases very rapidly. You should make sure that you hire a good and qualified doctor who can give you the correct advice and vaccinate your emu against all the prevalent diseases in your area. The major diseases associated with emu bird are :

  • Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis
  • Emu Enteritis
  • Malnutrition
  • External and Internal Worms


These are the approximate cost for setting up an Emu Farm in India. This cost table does not include the price of land. Older birds and proven emu breeder pair cost more. This costing table is for a startup farm with no infrastructure at all.

Cost of 10 Pair (3 Month Old birds) : 3,00,000

  1. Cost of Fencing (10 pairs)                     :1,00,000
  2. Cost of feed for 2 Years (10 pairs)    :1,00,000
  3. Cost for Hatchery                                  :2,00,000
  4. Other Costs                                             :1,00,000
  5. Total Cost Of Setting Up Emu Farm  : 8,00,000