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Multiple Crops Demonstration Farm

Multiple Crops Demonstration Farm:-

A demonstration farm is a farm which is used primarily to demonstrate various agricultural /horticultural techniques with any economic gains being an added bonus, demonstration farmers are owned and operated by this company with the support of the land owner [farm owner].

‣ It is mutual understanding agreement with company and Land owner for some years.

‣ Many demonstration farms not only have crops, but may Also have various types of live stock, various techniques For feeding and bedding.

This demonstration farms not only used for teaching Purpose but also useful to Agri/Horti students as demonstration And also very useful for local farmers.

Multiple crops demonstration farm

District demonstration farm’s in each & every district head quarters in India. Every demonstration farm covers 10 to 15 acres and raises all imported plants from various countries in the world.

‣ This demonstration farms is useful for farmers of that District

‣ They also get original plants from this demonstration Farms

‣ They can practically see the crop varieties in the Farm so that they can select the right plant based According to their conditions easily.

This demonstration farm had 100 to 150 varieties of Plants in different crops.


01. Agriculture crops

02. Horticulture crops

03. Sericulture crops

04. Medicinal crops

05. Pulp wood plantation

06. Timber wood plantation

07. Aromatic crops

08. Floriculture crops

09.Live stock units


11.Quail birds

12.Genie birds

13.Turkey birds

14.Color broilers

15.Sheep & goat

16.Honey bee

17.Mini dairy units

18.Fish farm small

19.Duck units….. etc

This demo plots surprising regd by the local govt because from this demo crop plot also had a propagation centre to supply the plants to the district farmers. This means demo crop and propagation centre

The owner of the demo crop unit will get good profit all govt officers and govt schemes get plants from this demonstration crop unit.