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Multiple Agriculture Franchisee

Multiple Agriculture Franchisee:-

Agriculture business in India plays a dominant role in generating revenues and export earnings various support from government, such as financing options and tax- exemptions have further widened the scope of business opportunities in farming give the right platform to your entrepreneurial dream by taking up franchisee opportunities in plant sales, farm equipments, agricultural products, fruits, pests, ferts and seeds and so on pulses to tractors, becoming a franchisee of anything in the agro industry engages attractive profits, all Agriculture related products available at one platform that

A.Seeds, Pests, Fertilizers supply to farmers

B.Contract farming(Buy- back their products)

C.Quality plants supplying nurseries and farmers

D.Soil analysis reports

E.Agricultural machinery on hire [Rental base]

F.Farmer membership

G.Training in all agricultural related entrepreneurs

H.Animal hostels in all live stock demo units

I. Agri Skilled Labour

A)Seeds/Pests/Fertilizers [Bio-fest, Bio-pest]:- These all products supplying to our customers (farmers). When they need in the field, nearly 100 companies’ products are available.

B)Contract farming (Buy-back agreement) :- We are purchased the products from our contract farmers at quality and quantity basis at the rate of market price. Infinite quantity for our clients, trading all crops.

C)Nurseries/plant supply: - We are supplying to our customers [farmers] high quality genuine certified plants for high yielding and good profits to our farmers. all varieties of plants available

D)Soil analysis report [testing]:- Soil analysis report for our farmers it is useful for good crop management of fertilizers for eco-friendly management.

E)Agriculture machinery on hire [Rental base]:-

1)Tractor with cultivator, 2mb plough, rotavater

2)Blade tractor with 2mb plough

3)Paddy harvesters, maize harvesters etc….

4)Kamco harvester and intercultivater

5)Post hole digger

6)Chain saws [petrol to power]

7)Drum seeder, cono-weeder, power Weeder

8)Sree marker machine, brush cutter,

9)Jcb,proclainer,borewell vehicle

10)Power sprayers, chap cutter.

11)Honey bee keeping

Not only the above machinery have we also provided all machinery in rental basis, supplied to the customers [farmers]

(Franchise wanted: - The owner who has these vehicles and machineries can approach for the registration, so that we will allot work for their vehicles and machineries.)

F)Farmer membership: - The Company provides a farmer membership to the costumer [Farmer] who purchases plants or seeds/pests/fest and any of our products & services.

G)Training in all agricultural entrepreneurs: - In every district head quarters below the following trainings are also available.

1)Aquaculture fish, prawn etc

2)Poultry boilers ,layer ,colour boilers etc

3)Dairy farm, cow/buffalo

4)Sericulture on farm training

5)Genie birds farming

6)Quail birds farming

7)Goat/sheep farming

8)Turkey birds farming

9)Piggery unit

10)Rabbit farming unit

11)Mushroom culture training unit

I. Agri Skilled Labour

I)Aggri Skilled Labour :-Each and every district have 400-500 trained agri skilled labours. This trained candidates are useful for farmers and industries,school,college,garden maintenance. This is important activity of our company because now a days agriculture management trained skilled labour availability is less and no one organisation trained this type of skilled labour like pesticide spraying, fertilizers applying, irrigation management and tractor drivers, weed control machine operator,lawn and garden maintenance labour. Our company proudly announced that we will give training for educated/non educated village candidates who is interested in this field. We will give good training of all agri related training and give placements to that people at our clients fields. They got good salary and residential facility and also training conducted for agri new entrepreneur users who started agri and agri related institutions/industries.

Note: - The above trainings available at only dist head quarter franchisee only. This is useful for agri and science college students.