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Students will know the different varieties of plants and very useful for the science students for thier general experiments and will know about the plant strategy.This is useful for industries and large land owners schools and collages. In schools and collages students know about plants and know about the uses of that plants and know about the user of that plants and this forest is having all types of plants like pulp/fruit/timber/flower/medicinal/auromatic/all types of plants. Students got more information from this and campus got good weather/air without pollution.

Required Project Infrastucture/Requirements as Project Needs

S.No Item Specification Organigation Image Remark
1 water facility Borewell/open well/pond with irrigation system Arrange pipeline to the required area
2 security fence Bio fence or Borbed wire fence To protect plants from cattles and other disturbances
3 maintainance skilled labour permanant staff from onsite No of persons depending upon area of forest development
4 Allignment marking with dry sticks/white power .....
Project: Create Forest
Create Forest Consultancy Services
Charges Offer
S.No Description Unit Quantity Cost Per Unit
Amount in Rs.
1 Create Forest Consulting and Project Management Services
1a. one time fee for entire consulting and project management scope of work for any one land area of any size. per site 1 4,50,000
1b. on-site supervision during pilot project execution, limited to 400 square mtrs and 7 working days. per site 1
1c. Three visits during the first year post forest creation, to assess the results and check forest growth per site 1
2a. on-site supervision applicable beyond first 400 square yards man-days Actuals 12,000
2b. Forest landscape design and planning(if required). man-days Actuals 21,000
3 Maintenance and growth monitoring post forest creation, second year onwards
3a. Visits to assess results and check forest growth as mutually agreed upon with the client. per visit 1 10,000
Terms And Conditions
1 Project Execution
a)All materials, manpower and facilities shall be arranged by the client in co-ordination with create forest.
b)Create Forest site supervision services are limited to guidance only.
2 Project Management And Consultancy
a)Business standard travel and accommodation for the create forest personnel are to be arranged by the client.
b)Any incidental payments made by create forest should be reimbrsed by the client.
3 Validity of offer
30 days
4 Payment Terms
a) 100% of the one-time fee for consulting and project management to be paid as advance.
b) 100% of the on-site services to be paid for at the end of the month.
c) This quotation is excluding applicable taxes.
5 Payment would be due on receipt of invoices.
Project: Create Forest services in india
End to End Create forest Services
Charges Offer
Area create forest Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC).
(required only for first 3 years)
sq mtrs cost/sq mtr, INR cost/sq mtr, INR
phase1: 0-500 3600 1600
phase2: 500-1000 3100 1000
phase3: 1000+ 2900 850
Terms And Conditions
1 Validity Of Offer
30 days
2 Payment Terms
a) 100% of pilot area create forest charges to be paid as advance along with work order
b)100% of create forest work charges for every 100 sq mtrs. of area covered.
3 Payment would be due on receipt of invoices.