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Animal Hostels

Prefect Introduction :- Our Company is Interested to establish the private animal hostel's across India through our company Franchisee.our company offering the Franchisee system in india in every district headquater and it will also established in rural area of every district.

We Under Taking the project's like this

a.Poultry Boiler/Layer

b.Dairy cow/Buffalow

c. Goat/Sheep Farm (Breed Development/meet Purpose)

d. Piggery (Breed Development/meet Purpose)

e. Duck (Boiler/Layer)

f. Country Chicken Birds (Boiler/Layer)

g. Rabbit (Breed Development/meet Purpose)

h. Turkey (Boiler/Layer)

i. Quael Farming (Boiler/Layer)

j. Guinea Birds (Boiler/Layer)

h. HoneyBee Keeping

k. Sericulture Mulbery/Tossata

l. Aquaculture i). Fish ii) Prawn iii) Crab

Types of Hostels :-

i . Community Animal Hostels

ii. Private Animal Hostels

Means of Hostel's :-

a) Community Animal Hostels:-Thses types of Hostel maintained by village committee members elected by villages and profit is shared among by villagers.Invest by the villagers through bank loan.

b) Private Animal hostels :- 2-10 members are the partners of this Hostel/Project are 90% share and company have 10% share maintained by company Franchisee.Invested by the share holder through bank loan profits also belongs to the share holder and also company.

Retuns From the Project :- The animal hostel project gives multiple return such as direct economic return,Improvement in social conditioning and better enviroment managemant,through this is a new venture and data is too recent to allow for a comparative analysis ferency can be drawn.

It will also a well established fact that good animal husbandary practices act as a catalyst for a hike in milk production which ultimately will result in higher income for rural poor people.It is seen that the animal hostel has got good return from the sale of fodder which it produced under pasture development programme and vermicom[pose produce the complex.

Income Returns From :- a. Milk b.Cowdung c.Cowurine d.GobarGas e.ByProductsofMilk

Objectives of the Project :- Community Animal Hostel

1. Reduction of Drugery of Womenfolk.

2. Collective Village Resource Managemant.

3. Improvement of Human Health.

4. Better management of Dung and urine.

5.Hygenic enviroment

6. Integrated animal care.

7. Production of gobar gas.

8. Production of Organic manure

The animal hostel project is therefore a revolutionary step in coperative managemant of the cattle as well as conservation of natural resourses with its unique model integration,cooperation and conservation.

Financial Assistance/Training/Marketing

Company is the one of the Investor.

Company prepare a project report

For bank Loan and Execution also.

Marketing Provided by the Company.

Training provides by the country.