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Agri Skilled Labour

Training & Placement

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Placement Guarantee Training will provide to Educated & Uneducated also.


Each and every district have 400-500 trained agri skilled labours. This trained candidates are useful for farmers and industries,school,college,garden maintenance.

This is important activity of our company because now a days agriculture management trained skilled labour availability is less and no one organisation trained this type of skilled labour like pesticide spraying, fertilizers applying, irrigation management and tractor drivers, weed control machine operator,lawn and garden maintenance labour. Our company proudly announced that we will give training for educated/non educated village candidates who is interested in this field. We will give good training of all agri related training and give placements to that people at our clients fields. They got good salary and residential facility and also training conducted for agri new entrepreneur users who started agri and agri related institutions/industries.