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Agriculture Machinery

Agriculture Machinery

Agriculture Machinery

Land development is the costliest operation in farming. It involves jungle clearance, soil opening with deep tillage equipment, moving soil from high to low spots, making farm roads, field bunding and levelling .etc. These operations require use of self propelled and heavy equipment such as crawler tractors with heavy duty ploughs and dozers, high horsepower tractors with dozing arid hoeing attachment,. scrapers, ditchers, chisel ploughs, subsoilers, terracers, levellers etc. The tillage operations, defined as mechanical manipulation of soil, are performed to achieve the desired seedbed to provide optimum environment for seed germination and plant growth. Seedbed preparation for sowing / planting of different crops is done through primary and secondary tillage operation.

It Includes

Tillage Implements

Tractor operated single row / Two row cassava harvester

1. Function Its main function is to dig cassava tubers in single/two rows

2. Specification

(i) Type Man Powered Tractor Implement

(ii) Power Requirment Capacity is varies based on the planted rows. If it is single row 0.5-0.7 ha/day and 0.7-1.0 ha/day for two rows

(iii) Capacity

3. General Information The power source of this tractor is 50hp.This can give more efficiency in work, time and cost

4. Cost of the Unit Rs. 32,000/-Aprox

5. Sailent Features In single row this instrument can save time upto 10% and in two rows 25% can save time. The labour saving is reduced 36% for single row and 55% for two rows. This tractor saving cost effective 20% for single row and 35% for two rows

Low Draft Chisel Plough

1. Function Suitable for deep tillage upto a depth of 40 cm for opening hard soil pan.

2. Specification

(i) Type Mounted implement

(ii) Power Requirment 35 to 45 hp tractor

(iii) Overall dimensions 450 x 940 x 1250 mm

(iii) Weight 42kgs

(iii) Capacity 1.4 ha / day at a spacing of 1.5m between rows

3. General InformationThe chisel plough has a sturdy but light structure made of 3mm thick hollow rectangular tubular mild steel sections. The implement is simple in construction and has only three components namely frame, standard and share. The share has a lift angle of 20 degree, width of 25mm and length of 150mm. The implement is protected by shear pin which prevents damage from overloading.

4. Cost of the Unit Rs. 10,000/-Aprox

5. Sailent Features The implement could be used for deep tillage upto 40cm depth. Easily operated by any 35-45 hp tractor

Improved Iron Plough

1. Function : Dry ploughing in all types of soil. The plough is provided with a mould board as an optional attachment for soil inversion.

2. Specification

(i) Type :Bullock drawn implement

(ii) Power Requirment : A pair of bullocks

(iii) Overall dimensions : 3500 x 250 x 900 mm

(iii) Weight : 17 kg

(iii) Capacity : 0.5 ha / day

3. General Information : The bullock drawn improved iron plough is made of mild steel except the pole shaft and hence it has longer life. As and when the share wears off, it can be pushed forward. Pole shaft angle and height of handle can be pushed forward. Pole shaft angle and height of handle can be adjusted according to field recruitments. The plough is provided with a mould as an optional attachment for soil inversion.

4. Cost of the Unit : Rs. 15,000/-Aprox

5. Sailent Features : The improved iron plough is suitable for dry ploughing in all types of soil. It can be operated by pair of bullocks.

Sowing Equipments

Automated protray sowing machine

1. Function : The main function is to automating all the steps involved in the Sowing of seeds in protrays

2. Specification

(i) Type :Power operated

(ii) Power Requirment : A pair of bullocks

(iii) Overall dimensions : 3500 x 250 x 900 mm

(iii) Weight : 17 kg

(iii) Capacity : About 80 sown trays can be prepared in an hour

3. General Information :The protrays once fed on the conveyor are automatically filled with growth media, compacted sown, topped up with media and passed out to the other side of the conveyer, thus fully automating the

4. Cost of the Unit : Rs. 30,000/-Aprox

5. Cost of Operation : Rs 350/ day for sowing 600 trays /day

6. Sailent Features : The machine is able to provide above 100 per cent saving in cost over the cumbersome method of manual sowing as being practiced now

Tractor drawn pulse seeder

1. Function : The main function is to sow pulse seeds by optimizing seed quantity

2. Specification

(i) Type :Tractor operated

(ii) Power Requirment : A pair of bullocks

(iii) Capacity : 1 ha per day

3. General Information :The tractor drawn pulse seeder results in 50.0 and 21.4 % saving in seed rate when compared with the existing inclined plate seeder and conventional method respectively

4. Sailent Features : There was uniform hill to hill spacing closer to the recommended level of 10 cm

Automated protray sowing machine

1. Function : Line sowing and fertilizer application for crops like groundnut, sorghum, cowpea, bengal gram, green gram, black gram, etc. in three rows simultaneously.

2. Specification

(i) Type : Bullock drawn implement

(ii) Power Requirment : A pair of bullocks, an operator and two persons

(iii) Overall dimensions :1080 x 1180 x 925 mm

(iii) Weight :45 kg

(iii) Capacity : 1 ha / day

3. General Information :The gorru consists of a simple frame on which hitch bracket, handle, furrow openers and furrow closure are mounted. The furrow openers are very similar to country plough having adjustable / replaceable share points. A square bar provided at the rear covers the seed which can be easily lifted by means of a rope when clods or trashes are accumulated. Two bowls each having three holes are mounted at a convenient height for manually metering the seeds and fertilizers respectively. The three holes of the each bowl are connected to the three furrow openers by plastic pipes. Provision is made in the furrow openers to place the seed and fertilizer side by side and at different depths. The seed and fertilizer rates and their uniformity in the rows depend mainly on the skill of the operators. Three persons are required, one to operate the unit, one to meter the fertilizer and the other to meter the seeds.

4. Cost of the Unit :Rs. 4,000/-

5. Cost of Operation :Rs. 190 / ha

6. Sailent Features : As it is provided with three furrow openers similar to country plough, the coverage is about 3 times more comparing with the country plough.

Weeding Intercultural

Improved Dry Land Weeder

1. Function : For weeding in row crops for removing shallow rooted weeds. It has been designed ergonomically for easy operation. Useful in dryland and gardenland crops and is ideal at a soil moisture content of 8 to 10 per cent.

2. Specification

(i) Type :Manually operated

(ii) Power Requirment : A man labourer

(iii) Overall dimensions :1100 x 650 x 1050 mm

(iii) Weight :3 kg

(iii) Capacity : 0.05 ha / day

3. General Information :This is a long handled tool and consists of one number of 25 mm diameter and 1200mm long conduit pipe over which 520mm long handle is fitted. At the bottom of the central pipe frame , two arms made of 250 X 25 X 3 mm of MS plates are fitted. At the extreme end of the arm 120 mm diameter star wheel is fixed. A cutting blade is fitted to the arm 200mm to the back of the star wheel the star wheel facilitates easy movement of the tool. The operating width of the blade is 120 mm.

4. Cost of the Unit :Rs. 600/-

5. Sailent Features : Useful in dry land and garden land crops. Ideal to remove shallow rooted weeds. The workable moisture content has to be 8 to 10 %

Power Rotary Weeder

1. Function : For mechanical control of weeds in crops such as sugarcane, tapioca, cotton and orchards.

2. Specification

(i) Type :Self propelled

(ii) Power Requirment : 8.38 hp Diesel engine.

(iii) Overall dimensions : 2400 x 1750 x 1100 mm.

(iv) Weight :200 Kgs

(v) Capacity : 1 - 1.2 ha per day

3. General Information :A 8.38 hp diesel engine operates the weeder. The engine power is transmitted to ground wheels through V belt-pulley. A tail wheel is provided at the rear to maintain the operating depth. Weeding is done by the rotary weeding attachment. The rotary weeder consists of three rows of discs mounted with 6 numbers of curved blades in opposite directions alternatively in each disc. These blades when rotating enable cutting and mulching the soil. The width of coverage of the rotary tiller is 500 mm and the depth of operation can be adjusted to weed and mulch the soil in the cropped field.

4. Sailent Features : Useful for weeding between rows of crops like tapioca, cotton, sugarcane, maize, tomato and pulses whose rows spacing is more than 45 cm.Attachments like sweep blades, ridger, trailer can be used with the machine.

Tractor Operated Multi Row Rotary Weeder

1. Function : For weeding and intercultural operations in between row crops like sugarcane, cotton, maize, etc.

2. Specification

(i) Type :Mounted type

(ii) Power Requirment : 35 hp tractor

(iii) Overall dimensions :400 x 636 x 1665, mm

(iii) Weight :143 kg

(iii) Capacity : 2.0 ha per day

3. General Information :The multi row rotary weeder consists of a set of cutting blades, which penetrate in to the soil, cause removing the weeds in the crop rows The power train consists of a gearbox containing a set of bevel gears having transmission ratio 2:1. The driving shaft of gearbox was coupled with PTO shaft of the tractor and driven shaft is coupled with rotary units by means of chain and sprocket power transmission systems. The “L” shaped cutting edge has been sharpened for easy cutting and fixed at an optimum angle of inclination of 500 to horizontal. The cutting blade has also been used as an inclined plane for elevating and converging the soil to the rotating blades to perform cutting the weeds and pulverizing the soil.

4. Cost of the Unit : Rs. 1 00,000

5. Sailent Features :

  • Weeding and earthingup operations are simultaneously performed in a single pass; row to row distance between the rotor groups are adjustable.
  • Weeding efficiency is 71 per cent.
  • The saving in cost and time were 73.12 and 81.5 per cent respectively as compared to conventional method of manual weeding.

Plant Protection

Battery operatedLow Volume Sprayer

1. Function :For spraying chemicals on crops like paddy, groundnut, pulses and vegetables. It requires 50 litres of water per hectare.

2. Specification

(i) Type : Knapsack.

(ii) Power Requirment : 6 V rechargeable battery

(iii) Overall dimensions :380 x 250 x 725 mm

(iii) Weight :17 kg with pesticide

(iii) Capacity : 1.5 ha / day

3. General Information :A 10 liter pesticide tank and a 6 volt rechargeable battery are mounted on a suitable frame which is carried on the back of the operator. The chemical is taken from the tank to the spinning disc fitted with the direct current micro motor. A cut-off valve is provided to regulate the flow. The weight of the modified battery sprayer is about 17kg with pesticide. The pesticide application rate of the sprayer is 50 litres per hectare.

4. Cost of the Unit :Rs. 2000/-

5. Sailent Features :

This sprayer is suitable for any crop like paddy groundnut, pulses and vegetables.Repairs and maintenance problems are less.Reduced water requirement.

Foot Wear Operated Sprayer

1. Function : For spraying chemicals on garden crops.

.2. Specification

(i) Type :Knapsack

(ii) Power Requirment : Energized by the walking action

(iii) Weight :10 kg with pesticide

(iv) Capacity : 0.2 ha / day

3. General Information :The foot wear operated manual sprayer consists of two shoe assembly which encloses two small reciprocating pumps in each. The pumps are made up of aluminium and actuated by the walking action of the operator. The sprayer consists of chemical tank which is carried on the back of the operator and lance and nozzle assembly. The main advantage of the unit is that the operator need not do the energizing action of pumps as in conventional sprayer. His walking action itself will pressurize the fluid and a fine spray pattern is obtained. The drudgery and tiredness of operator is reduced to a great extend.

4. Cost of the Unit :Rs. 1000/-

5. Sailent Features :

  • No separate action is required by the operator except in guiding the nozzle.
  • Eco friendly
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Suitable for ULV and LV applications

Power Tiller Operated Boom Sprayer

1. Function :For row crop spraying

2. Specification

(i) Type : Power tiller mounted

(ii) Power Requirment : 8 to 10 hp power tiller

(iii) Overall dimensions : 1550 x 5000 x1550 mm

(iii) Weight : 12 kg

(iii) Capacity : 1 ha per hr

3. General Information :The boom sprayer attachment consists of two aluminum hollow sections (50 x 25 mm) of 4 m length with 16 numbers of nozzles. The nozzles are spaced at 450 mm apart. A reciprocating pump (40 m x 25 mm) is mounted on the power tiller with the help of a stand . The drive is transmitted from the clutch pulley of the power tiller through ‘v’ belt. A 25 mm dia heavy-duty alkathene suction hose carries the spray chemical from the tank kept in the power tiller trailor to the pump inlet. The delivery line from the outlet of the pump is divided into two lines by means of a two way cock to each of the two aluminium sections. The spray boom with nozzles are carried by two persons with a “belly rest” and “neck belt” provisions for easy handling and spraying of chemicals on the crop foliage. A regulator valve with a by-pass line to the tank is also provided in the delivery line to control the excess pressure and discharge rate.

4. Cost of the Unit : Rs.35,000/-

5. Sailent Features :

  • Light in weight and easy handling
  • Suitable for spraying in row crops
  • Results in 55 per cent saving in cost as compared to knapsack power sprayer


Self Propelled Vertical Conveyor Reaper

1. Function :For harvesting paddy.

2. Specification

(i) Type :Self propelled engine

(ii) Power Requirment : 3.0hp

(iii) Overall dimensions :2200 x 950 x 1100

(iii) Weight :17 kg with pesticide

(iii) Capacity : 0.125 ha h-1

3. General Information :Vertical conveyor reaper (0.75 m) of TNAU is light in weight and hence shifting the reaper from one field to another is easy. Operating the reaper is fatigue free. The total cost of the machine is well within the purchasing power of the small farmers. It is highly cost economical when compared to other paddy harvesters and combine and manual harvesting.

4. Cost of the Unit :Rs. 60,000


Fodder Sorghum Harvester

1. Function : Harvesting and windrowing the fodder sorghum

.2. Specification

(iii) Overall dimensions :1100 x 1210 x 1280 mm

(iii) Weight : 93kgs

(iii) Width of cutter Bar : 100cm

3. General Information :It is a modified version of IRRI reaper consisting of cutter bar assembly, gathering header, star wheels, conveyors, hitch frame attachment with an adjustable skid. The whole unit is attached to an IRRI designed power tiller. The front assembly has been suitably modified with one more set of gathering header assembly consisting of headers with star wheel assembly, conveyor flat belt with lugs provided at a height of 45 cm from the existing conveyor unit. The additional header assembly is fixed exactly above the lower header assembly. The main frame supporting all above components are also suitably modified. The power for the top conveyor belt is taken by extending the shaft from lower conveyor belt

4. Cost of the Unit :Rs. 1 10,000/-

5. Sailent Features :

  • Operated by : 5.4 hp light weight diesel engine
  • Coverage : 0.75 ha/day

Groundnut Harvester

1. Function :For harvesting and windrowing groundnut crop at soil moisture levels of 8 -15 %.

2. Specification

(i) Type : Mounted implement

(ii) Power Requirment : 35-45 hp tractor

(iii) Overall dimensions :2050 x 2100 x 1150 mm

(iii) Weight :300 kg

(iii) Capacity : 2.0 ha / day

3. General Information :The groundnut harvester consists of a soil loosening tool, a pick conveying mechanism and gatherer windrower. The soil engaging tool is made of 50 mm thick x 100 mm wide x 180 mm length straight mild steel blade. The tool at 150 rake angle is fixed to a main frame through shanks at both side. The pickup conveying mechanism of length 1200mm is made of to 600mm endless ship chains spaced 1800 mm apart. At the rear a gatherer windrower the conveying crop.

4. Cost of the Unit : Rs.35,000/-

5. Sailent Features :

  • Harvesting and soil separation efficiency is 99 and 95%.
  • Saving in labour cost and time is 32 and 96 % respectively


Hand cum Pedal Operated Chaff Cutter

1. Function : The main function is to automating all the steps involved in the Sowing of seeds in protraysTo cut the chaff into bits for easy assimilation by animals. It is ideal for cutting green fodder, dry fodder and paddy straw. Uniform sized chaff bits can be obtained

2. Specification

(i) Type : Manually operated

(ii) Power Requirment : Manual

(iii) Overall dimensions :920 x 540 x 1225 mm

(iii) Weight : 40 kg

(iii) Capacity : 300 kg green fodder/hour

3. General Information : The improved chaff cutter consists of a feeding tray, curved blade fixed on to a spring loaded lever and a suitable frame work. It was observed that the operator feels more comfortable, and experiences less fatigue in working on this improved machine to cut fodder. Since both hand and leg forces are synchronized to effect cutting of the hour.

4. Cost of the Unit :Rs. 6000/-

5. Sailent Features :

  • Operated by hand and leg simultaneously with minimum effort.
  • Uniform sized pits can be optioned
  • Ideal for cutting green fodder, dry fodder and paddy straw.

Tractor Operated Subsoil Coir Pith Applicator

1. Purpose : The sub soil coir pith mulch applied at 15-30 cm deep ensured higher moisture retention, crop growth and yield Improved soil structure Enhanced water holding capacity Increased yield of rain fed crops

2. Power source : 35 HP tractor

3. Cost of operation : Rs.300/- per hour

4. Capacity : 250 to 300 holes per hour

5. Cost of operation : Rs. 300/ hour

6. Cost : Rs. 65,000/-

Banana Clump Remover

1. Function : To remove banana clumps

2. Specification

(i) Type :Tractor mounted

(ii) Power Requirment : A pair of bullocks

(iii) Capacity : 4 ha / day

3.Cost of the unit : Rs.10,000/-

4.Cost of Operation : Rs.500 / ha

5. Sailent Features :

  • A tractor operated implement to remove banana clumps
  • Labour required :2 (1 driver + 1 helper)
  • Savings in time :85%

Tractor Operated Pit Digger For Sugar Cane Planting

1.Purpose : Pit Digger for Sugarcane Planting

2.Cost of the unit : Rs. 30,000/-

3.Field capacity : 0.60 ha/day


Tractor Drawn Disc Plough

1. Function : For primary tillage and is especially useful in hard and dry, trashy, stony or stumpy land conditions and in soil where scouring is a major problem.

2. Specification

(i) Nunber of Furrows: 2-4

(ii) Disc Size (mm) : 600-800

(iii) Length (mm) : 1180-2362

(iv) Width (mm) : 889-1194

(v) Height (mm) : 1092 - 1118

(vi) Width of cut per disc (mm) :200 - 300

(vii) Adjustable working Width (mm) : 600-1200

(viii) Working depth (mm) : up to 300

(ix) Power requirementt (hp) : 25-50,tractor

(x) Weight (kg) : 236-376

3. General Information : The plough consists of common mainframe, disc beam assemblies, rockshaft category -l or category -2, a heavy spring loaded furrow wheel and a gauge wheel. In some models disc plough is designed to operate as 2, 3 or 4 bottom, by adding or removing the sub beam assemblies according to requirement. The disc angler angles from 40 to 45 to obtain the desired width of cut and the tilt angle ranges from 15 to 250 for penetration. The discs of the plough are made of high carbon steel or alloy steel and the edges a re hardened and sharpened. The discs are mounted on tapered roller bearings. Scrapers prevent soil build up in the discs in sticky soils. The furrow slice rides along the curvature and is pulverized to some extent before being thrown.

Tractor Drawn Ridger

1. Function :for making furrows and ridges for sugarcane, cotton, potato and other row crops

2. Specification

(i) Type : Tractor drawn

(ii) Length : 1000-2000

(iii) Number of base : 2-5

(iv) Length (mm) : 1180-2362

(v) Width (mm) : 600-2000

(vi) Height (mm) : 1000-1100

(vii) Windspan adjustment(mm) :350-500

(viii) Row Spacing (mm) : Adjustable 610 to 860

(ix) Power requirementt (hp) :30-50, tractor

(x) Weight (kg) : 150-230

3. General Information : The ridger is used in sugarcane growing area of the country. It consists of rectangular frame made of mild steel angle or channels ection,3 -point hitch assembly, shanks and ridger body. The ridger body consists of two mouldboards, share, point and tie bars to vary the wingspan of ridgers. The share point is made from medium carbon steel or low alloy steel, hardened and tempered to about 42 HRC. Upon wearing or becoming dull the share point can be replaced. The ridger is operated in tilled soil by a tractor, the share point penetrates in the soil, ridger body displaces the .soil to both sides and a furrow is created. The soil mass between furrows forms a ridge. The depth of operation is controlled by hydraulic system of the tractor.

Wheel Hoe

1. Function :For weeding and interculture of vegetables and other crops sown in rows.

2. Specification

(i) Overall length (mm) :1400- 1500

(ii) Overall width (mm): 450- 500

(iii) Overall height (mm) : 800- 1000

(iv) Number of tynes :3 Nos

(v) Wheel diameter (mm) : 200- 600

(vi) Working depth (mm) : Upto 60

(vii) Weight (kg) : 4-12

3. General Information : The wheel hoe is a widely accepted weeding tool for weeding and interculture in row crops. It is a long handled tools operated by push and pull action. As the name implies, the general construction of wheel hoe comprises of wheel assembly, miniature tool frame, a set of replaceable tools and handle assembly. The number of wheel varies from one to two and the diameter depends upon the design. The frame has got a provision to accommodate different types of soil working tools such as straight blade, reversible blades, sweeps, V -blade, tine cultivator, pronged hoe, miniature furrower, spike harrow (rake) etc. which can be operated by a single person. The handle assembly has a provision to adjust the height of the handle to suit the operator. All the soil working components of the tool are made from medium carbon steel and hardened to 40-45 HRC. The other assemblies of the wheel hoe are made from structural mild steel and thin walled mild steel pipes. The working depth of the tool can be adjusted with the help of clamp or through the plate with multiple holes provided in the frame and welded to the tool assembly. The handle height is also adjustable. Some of the designs are provided with a pulling ring in the frame, which enables it to be operated by two persons. For operation, the working depth of the tool and handle height is adjusted and the wheel hoe is operated by repeated push- pull action which allows the soil working components to penetrate into the soil and cut/uproot the weeds in between the crop rows. With this action, the weeds also get buried in the soil